For Humans it Reduces Strees, Reduces Allergies and Asthma, Better Sleep, Purifies the Air,  Improves Breathing, Better Mood & Improves Energy, Supports Immune System, Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation from electronic Devices, Treating of Seasonal Effective Disorder, Lowers Static Electricity in the Air, Eco-Friendly Light Source, use for cooking as sushi presenters to cleanse crystals decorative plates, used for serving the Dry things in homes & hotels, cure many skin diseases softness and makes your skin fresh removes joint pains etc, used in Dishes (Eatable Salt), used in Industry, having innovative healing technique using warm salt crystal stones to ground and balance the body’s electromagnetic filed, central nervous system and meridians. Himalayan salt crystal purifying bath products has no chemical, no additives.

For Animals it Boost efficiency in Animals. Himalayan salt is 98% sodium chloride, with 84 minerals and trace elements which include calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron that are must required for the health of Animals, this salt is essential part of their nutrition ensures that animals do not suffer from malnutrition and makes animals immune and reproductive system properly working, this is a natural and pure salt needed for the development and maintenance of bones, muscles, circulatory systems and nervous systems of animals, Encourages saliva flow which, in turn increases the rumen ph. Sodium (Na) is an essential element for animals, Increase milk yield, Trials in New Zealand showed a 12.8% response in milk yield to supplementation with salt, Stops Animals drinking their urine, Helps reduce Cud Ball, Reduces Risk of Frothy Bloat, Helps harden the hooves of animals, Blood formation – boosts heat cycling (fertility), Animals utilize feed better.